The Maddening Parade is now on jamendo

It took me long enough… I just finished uploading my new album to jamendo, a really great site for creative commons licensed music.

It is also still available at bandcamp. Eventually I’ll get it up on


One of songs, “Gorgon Original” (from Sky Ship) recently was used for a video showcasing photography work.


Piano 1-14-2016

I decided to record a video of me playing since I haven’t done that in a while. This is a song I wrote many years ago. It has a kind of pseudo-classical vibe to it which I usually don’t pursue. The playing is a little sloppy. Eventually I want to do a better recording of it. Perhaps alongside other musicians.

The Maddening Parade is Now Free (and cc-by-nc)

I gave up on trying to hold my music hostage in exchange for people writing me haikus.  You can now download the album for free.  To those that wrote me, thanks!

The bandcamp link is still the same:

I’m eventually going to put it up in other places.

I updated the license to be a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.  Essentially: do whatever the hell you want with it as long as you give me proper credit and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Trevor Richards – (((HUM)))

I’m a couple days late, but Trevor Richards just released a new album entitled “(((HUM)))”.  It is a really fun to listen to album.  I think it is perfect for driving on a highway at 2am.

I had the honor of playing on three of the tracks (keyboards and clarinet).  The album has a really cool mix of “band” style songs with moody electronic music.

I played on $SPACE, Voice of the Mountain Voice of the Sky, and Memorial.  Check it out below: