All My Solo Albums are Licensed CC-BY

All of my solo albums are now licensed as cc-by (creative commons attribution).  Previously I had my last two releases, ‘The Maddening Parade’ and ‘Sky Ship’, were cc-by-nc, which disallowed commercial use. Older releases were already cc-by.  Please note that the non-solo work like Eighth Whale and Dusklight Trio are not part of creative commons and are covered by standard copyright.

Now there is no need for going through all the mental gymnastics required to figure out whether your use of the music is or isn’t commercial in nature.

I updated bandcamp, free music archive, and pages to show the updated licence. Enjoy!

The Long Hunt – Wilderness Tales

Trevor and Allison, who I played with in Eighth Whale and Dusklight Trio, just released an album along with Mark Lyons as part of their new band The Long Hunt. And by “just released”, I mean “a month ago”.  Jesse Spillane dot com is probably not your source of up to date news.

It’s a really cool album.  They describe the release as follows:

The songs on Wilderness Tales are typically slower, sprawling, meditative, and sparse- a mood sometimes contrasted with the occasional outburst, dense arrangement, or driving repetition. The music sits comfortably in the experimental, psych and alternative rock categories while occasionally incorporating elements of desert, drone and post rock reminiscent of bands like Earth, Grails, and OM.

It’s certainly a departure from the Eighth Whale, which was consciously not minimal. Stream it below:

If you like it, throw them some money and buy it. I highly recommend it. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, which I no longer am (I defected to Cleveland),  go see their show on April 1st at Cattivo